RI Abortion Doulas

Care before, during and after your at-home or clinical abortion.

Who We Are

We are a group of full-spectrum & abortion doulas; we support people through their birth, postpartum and abortion experiences and work across the state of Rhode Island. Every doula in RAD is self/independently employed -we do not work for or report back to any organizations outside of insurance- and are committed to providing care in ways that are supportive to you. While we all have different approaches to the work we carry out, we value autonomy, choice within reproductive journeys, and that everyone who seeks care during their abortion should have access to it. 

Doula Support


Learn what you can expect from your abortion, options available to you and feel more prepared for your experience.

Emotional Care

We hold space for the spectrum of emotional experience abortion can bring up. Feel free to use your time with your doula talking about what is coming up for you.

Physical Support

This includes sensory care like heating pads and pressure points for nausea or discomfort as well as childcare and/or pet care while you rest.


Nourishing teas and other types of herbal support. Healing foods for recovery.

 How It Works

When you contact us, we work to pair you with a doula who is a good match & available when you plan on having your abortion. You will meet (in person or virtually) prior to your abortion to go over your options and preferences for your abortion and what to expect from the experience.

We cannot guarantee which doula will be available, but will always do our best to prioritize your comfort- please share if you have preferences in who supports you!

*Most clinics offering surgical (in-clinic) abortions do not allow support people in the exams or procedure rooms. 

We are available for virtual support in these cases and in-person support before and post-procedure*

Insurance Covered Support

See your insurance? This support is likely entirely covered at no cost to you, including no copay. If your RI-based insurance company isn't listed, please let us know! A handful of our providers are in network with other companies. 

Or reach us directly at:

Text or Call: 401-305-0615

Email: riabortiondoulas@gmail.com